The perfect flower parts. 1. the perfect Flowers, 2. Stigma (stigma), 3. Stalk pistil (stilus), 4. Sari stalk (filament, the part of the Stamen), 5. Floral axis (axis), 6. articulation, 7. The flower stalk (pedicel) nectar Glands, 8., 9. Stamen (stamen), 10. -Fruit (ova), 11. Will seed (ovulum), 12. 13. Pollen (pollen), 14. The head of sari (anther), 15. Jewelry flower (periantheum), 16. Crown flower (corolla), 17. The petals of flowers (calyx).

Daun saga
The leaves and stem are flowers in modified surroundings. This modification was caused by the generation of a number of enzymes are stimulated by a number of specific fitohormon. The formation of flowers with strictly controlled genetically and in many types of induced by certain environmental changes, such as low temperature, long time lighting, and water availability (see sections of interest: the formation of flowers).

The flowers are almost always symmetrical shape, which can often be used as a taxon identifier. There are two forms of interest based on the symmetry of the form: aktinomorf (“star-shaped”, radial symmetry) and zigomorf (mirrored symmetry). The form aktinomorf is more plentiful.
Crateva religiosa flowering plants perfect: have a stamen and pistillum.memerahkan bibir secara alami